Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nice day :)

Last nights, and all the news today make me feel better a lot.
Firstly- when i do not give up :)
I love drawing- sure. But when we learn about drawing statue, it is so difficult to me, and i feel stuck.
But with that statue, i did try to finish my paiting, try to concentrate on it.
And after my endeavour, i thought it was going to finish- that is when i found the picture has a lot of mistakes.
I tried to fix it as fast as possible, do not know how late it was. And i was given good comment ^^ Thank my teacher a lot as i can believe in trying and believe in myself :)
And then.
I receive a massage that i was waiting for a long times. it forced me to send a message that i was not ready to try :)
Well. I won't never have to regret about it :))
And an offer from a sister, who highly respect my responsibility in working :) Nice
I love this day. May be tomorrow every good thing stop :)) but today i want to smile :)

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