Saturday, August 4, 2012

I get disappointed today ^^

I write this feeling here and know that the person who makes me feel that will never read it, no matter he was told about its existence.
" I have a blog, and i share my feeling here. If i write normal things in my life, even i put it in public, it will still be invisible to the world :)) So it's like a secret too :))
There are so much things, i do not think i should speak it out when i am angry now. As i am afraid someday i will have to regret about writing it. But i am a GIRL , and i want to see every in a detailed way, so that i can analyse the situations and give the conclusion. I know that i don't have any rights to judge, but i have my own values to perceiv (?) one's characteristic. :))
And today. I get disappointed ^^

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