Monday, August 6, 2012

=.= First time watching "In heaven" and an article about chubby girl :x

How much insensitive i am so that i can not understand almost the rymth in Korean music ~.~ And its meaning too =.= being so stupid, so fraigile , both of them => may be when they love each other, they do not use their brain much =.= That's why i say i am so crucial, so insensitive =.= If you love some one, please use both two things : heart and brain so that we do not need the court to solve it, or your children have to suffer from your disappointment after a long time being blind in love ~.~
And the chubby girl
A nice article of a boy who have a chubby girlfriend =)))) and the story sounds similar to my own story, but some details was reversed =)))) But a nice piece of day starts :)
Like it :)

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